StevieD_BookArt_001Growing up in a small town in Kentucky required a lot of imagination for a kid to entertain himself. While other kids may have spent their days playing sports and doing homework, Stevie D. would spend his days creating mischief and dreaming of becoming a rockstar. This could involve jumping trash cans in the middle of the streets on his bmx bike (no helmet, of course), or perfecting the art of blow drying his hair. Hey, he was the only boy in a house with a single mom, and three sisters. He would also spend a lot of time watching variety shows, and secretly listening to Richard Pryor, which he would recite to the amusement of his friends at school (their parents were not so amused).

After visiting Panama City Beach on a spring break, Stevie vowed to return there after high school and become a dee jay, which is exactly what he did. Maybe he should’ve set his goals a little higher, but none the less, after achieving phase one, Stevie decided to make his next move. With two suitcases and a framed Elvis movie poster, Stevie packed his car and headed to Hollywood.

Stevie knew there were two things he really wanted: muscles, and to entertain people. Chippendale’s was out of the question, so after a few years of struggling, his sense of humor and perseverance eventually paid off – he was appearing in fitness videos and telling jokes on stage. Unlike a few of his friends, his mis-spent youth did not lead to a life of crime, and the dreams of becoming a rockstar have somewhat come true. After more than a decade performing in the world’s most famous comedy clubs, Stevie executive produced and starred in “Rockstars of Comedy”, a live concert film starring some of the most recognizable comics in the business, including Whitney Cummings, of NBC’s “Whitney” and Steve Burns, star of TBS’s “Sullivan and Son”.

StevieDWebsiteLandingPageStevie has appeared on television as a comic and host, interviewing some the biggest stars in Hollywood, before starting his own production company. Stevie has now created TV projects for OWN network, with more in the works.

Stevie says his greatest achievement has been that of being a husband and daddy to two of his own little rockstars. When he’s not conquering all media platforms, he’s busy teaching valuable life lessons to his two little rockstars- blow drying and jumping trash can (with helmets)!